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About Cryptoescudo

A Portuguese cryptocurrency for the digital age

 A free decentralized cryptocurrency everyone can use and create.

CryptoEscudo is a project planned and launched by Portuguese citizens, in which everyone is invited to participate.
The idea is developed from the recent and innovative technological concept of cryptocurrency. A concept that changes everything we
know about money: the way we use it, save it, or create it. A concept in which coins are created and used digitally in a decentralized and
secure network, based on encryption. We're talking of the blockchain technology.

The Portuguese cryptocurrency is not created or controlled by any banks, governments or companies. It is an encryption-based currency
that takes its security from the complex calculations involved in it, being transparent and public to all, with its own blockchain. It is the
digital reaching to money, as it has reached writing... music... communications.

The name of our old currency "escudo" is not intended to represent the desire of returning to the past. It represents a reminder of our
path to show us and guide us on a new and better future.

Our idea is not political. Our idea is simply a technical solution emerged from the world of the cryptoeconomy. Because we believe that
technology can also serve the common good and persistent problems of our country, this is our proposal:

" Let's make our new money. Created by everyone and for everyone. "

 (source: cryptoescudo.pt)